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Reality+ Introduction Text

Updated: Jun 29

The following is the introduction text from my exhibition "Reality+" (June 2024, Düsseldorf). It was displayed on a big TV screen at the entrance:

When you look at me, it is not me that you are seeing, you are seeing something else. Isn't that funny? Don't feel bad, though, no one has ever seen no one else.

Have you ever noticed that trees grow on clouds upside down? Or that there are exactly as many stars in the sky as there are different feelings that you can have? Or that the brush of wind against your cheek sounds like a divine whisper?

Take a look around. What do you see? A giant sea of physical particles, of course, is there anything more to see? Perhaps, you should be looking not with your eyes but with your mind. What do you see now?

Take a look around. Take a deep breath. Forget that you are yourself, for a while. This shouldn't prove to be too difficult as you probably do not know who you really are anyway. Maybe imagine instead that you are a whale, like me. And that we are free to roam the oceans, just the two of us. Two unlikely friends, in perfect harmony, forever.

Take a look around. Or, better yet, don't. Turn around and walk out that door right at this moment. You will have gained something important. Much more important than anything I can give you. Although, this, too, would have been my gift to you, my dear marine friend.

"Emergence", from my exhibition "Reality+"

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