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Digital self portrait (2022)


3D artist and philosopher

Ein-Hod, Israel

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My name is Tsuri Bar-Yehuda. I am a 3D artist and philosopher based in the artists' village Ein-Hod in Israel. I have an M.Sc. in mathematics (logic and model theory), an M.A. in philosophy, and I used to develop algorithms for 3D and AI software. I am also a chess enthusiast. My mission is to explore consiousness using interdisciplinary methods - art, techonlogy and philosophy, and to make that exploration accessible to as many people as possible by sharing my art and giving lectures about my philosophical inquieries.

In my artistic research I try to explore metaphysical concepts such as time, space and identity. My philosophical and technological investigation through VR has led me to believe that consciousness is an independent feature of reality irreducible to physical matter. I am passionate about sharing what this means and to reach as many people as possible.

It means, to my taste, that we are not bound by the physical universe. That every person, if I may be a bit metaphorical (as I am not religious), is an instance of god. My vision is to have a center dedicated to these studies where I can cooperate with other explorers and connect with other people around the world. If you are interested in what I do feel free to contact me here.

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